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February 17 2014

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Nepal is a mountainous country and many Himalayas ranges in the boundary of Nepal. Among the tallest peaks in the world Mt Everest trekking is the world topmost peak situated in the khumbu region of Nepal.
Trekking Everest is also known by many names like sagarmatha, mount qomolangma, Zhumulangma Feng and many other names. Mount Everest which is the English name that is named after George Everest. Mt Everest trekking is also known as the goddess of the sky, roof of the world, mother of the universe, goddess mother of the world and different sayings by the many peoples.

Trekking Everest ranges at an altitude of 8848 meters which is also the adventurous climbing to the peak. Trekking Everest is also the challenging path to reach at the top of the peak. Many trekkers climb up to the Mount Everest base camp only which is at an altitude of 5364 meters. The trekkers can glance many cultural places, traditions and festivals of the local peoples on the way of trekking Everest. Khumbu region is in Himalaya’s part which is the best known for the local cultures and traditions of the Sherpa peoples.

The scene tic parts of khumbu region are most widely popular. The wild ranges of the forest, deep lakes, ponds and many rivers bridges are the Mt Everest trekking experience while trekking to the peak of Mount Everest. Mt Everest trekking is the most remark able memory of the life time history of a person because of the different scene tic panorama of the peaks.
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